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 Training Methodology

We believe in step-wise delivery of the Spa treatments, massages and treatments science. Details about history & origin of Spa are explained to the students for in-depth knowledge. The main emphasis would be on understanding the basic principles & philosophy behind the module & underlying concepts. Basic terms would be involved in the explanation. This would be extremely important to know from Practical application of the module in the Spa. During training and teaching sessions, languages used would be English & Hindi only.

Practical Training

Element wise demonstrations would be done to let the students understand the techniques properly. The students would repeat the same on the models or partner students till the trainers are satisfied with the practical skills attained by the student. At the end of the day, entire steps would be revised before closing the session for the day & again the next session would be started with a revision of training conducted in the previous session.

Research & Assignments

Each student would be required to do research on latest trends in the industry as suggested by the Trainer pertaining to the module in consideration. This research can be done from Internet resources or also from reference books. Assignments would mainly be integrated to enhance the knowledge gained during the training in form of essays, charts, diagrams and appendices.