Spa Startup Consulting

Like us, do you have a passion for wellness and want to bring about change in peoples' lives? Do you want to become a part of the multi-million dollar business in the Spa & wellness industry? Do you want a secure return on your investment? If yes, Orient Spa can give you a perfect platform to enter the sunshine spa and wellness industry.

Stage One:

Planning and Facility Development:
Detailed discussions and planning are done with the client to understand his requirements and a Spa Concept is developed which is operationally practical and capable of meeting financial projections. A feasibility study is also done to determine that the project is technically feasible, the estimated cost of the project and whether it will be profitable in long run. Depending on the feasibility study, a spa facility is created in which the desired atmosphere and the building's technical functions are achieved harmoniously.

Stage Two:

Operations and Program implementation:
We believe that each spa is unique. So, we design a personalized spa program suit the clientele requirement. Planning for retail sales, marketing, staff recruitment and training, plus the set-up of all programs and operations is carried out.

Stage Three:

We are ready to launch our new spa. A launch date is decided and pre-launch marketing is done through ads, leaflet distributions, hoardings, banners etc. Opening ceremony is organized where some VIPs (leaders, sportsperson, celebrities, journalist etc.) is invited for the inauguration. This is not the end, its just a begining of a new journey. We help with ongoing supervision, evaluation programs or ongoing management as mutually agreed.

Additional Services

Design: We have our own team who can design anything from architecture and interior design to integrated marketing solutions for your spa. Our unique success lies in the ability to provide complete, highly customized and coordinated services particular to each phase of the project.

Marketing: With such a wide experience in the spa industry (especially in 5 star hotels), Orient Spa has a special understanding of the operational and marketing requirements of the hotel spas. We help hotels & resorts to open their own spa to get more guests as hotels and resort spas are becoming very popular in India. Guests like to stay in the hotel and whenever get time can relax in the spa.

Training: A vital component of any successful operation is well-trained staff. Orient Spa Academy (OSA) provides specialized staff training which caters for all levels of spa staff and includes management and customer service skills to hands on therapies, ensuring a seamless operation. From customized signature treatments through a broad range of spa and specialist therapies, our training will ensure deliverance of quality treatments and a high level of customer service.

Spa Therapies: At OSA, a broad range of therapies can be trained including but not limited to; Shirodhara, Abhyangam, Udwarthanam, Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Thai massage, Lymphatic drainage, Back & shoulder massage, Bath therapies, Body scrubs, Body wraps, Facial massage, Facials, Foot massage, Foot reflexology, Manicure, Pedicure.

Inhouse Projects