Spa Training

At OSA, we help you create a talented pool of professionals, who will not only be your assets but add value to your spa business by creating loyal customers and therefore a positive brand for you. We develop spa professionals who are perfectly trained, well groomed, have high sense of ethical and moral standards, industry ready and most importantly have a passion and enthusiasm for your business as much as you do.

Entering the alluring but elusive spa industry is not easy. That is why OSA helps prospective owners and developers to understand the business of wellness closely by offering them industry orientation programs, 360 degree assistance to start up companies and spa up-gradation programs to existing spas and wellness centers.

OSA also offers certification programs like International Spa Operations, International Spa Management and Spa Development. These programs help individuals initiate their own business or develop rewarding career line in spa industry.

Whether in-campus or on-site at your spa, our group of distinguished internationally trained trainers can bring our techniques to you in highly professional, entertaining, and well organized programs that you and your team will benefit from for years to come.

A beautiful spa with all the latest equipment will fail without a well-trained staff. Whether you're an established spa or a startup, your staff needs to master a set of critical skills: They must understand how to deliver excellent customer service. And they must know how to sell. Under-trained staff members cost you a fortune every year. Every time a sale is not closed, every time a client is not correctly greeted or asked to reschedule, you are losing hundreds, even thousands of rupees in present and future sales.

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