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Assessment & Outcome

The students would get to work in a stimulated Spa scenario where they would get experience to work in a co-operative atmosphere to entertain the guests, treat them and provide the treatment. This would build the confidence amongst the students for developing skills on guest services and entertaining guest queries.

The Assessment would be conducted in the following forms:

  • Written Assessment: Multiple Choice or Essay
  • Verbal Assessment: Basic Principles
  • Stimulated Spa Scenario: Guest Interaction & Guest Services Assessment

These types of assignments’ would give an equal opportunity to every student to do well in the assessment despite of varying skills in demonstration of their competency.

Learning Outcome:

  • History of each treatment
  • Knowing the benefits & contraindications of each treatment in the module
  • Product Selection Criteria
  • Techniques of every treatment & rigorous practice
  • Getting complete knowledge of Spa industry
  • Best teaching for providing Therapy in the best authentic way
  • Answerable to Guest queries for the treatment
  • Reducing complications and other adverse effects to the maximum extent
  • To achieve maximum Guest satisfaction
  • Provide the treatment in a Standardized uniform manner